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“First time customer! I called for an appointment to have them diagnose and recommend a solution for my "old lady" vehicle. Carl helped me make the appointment. Keith greeted me when I arrived. From first contact to my visit today I can tell you without reservation--if you're looking for honesty, pride of workmanship, and the ultimate in customer service you're "home." Keith took the time to answer my questions and suggest recommended solutions. This is a Five Star * * * * * business. Highly recommended and since my other mechanic retired (new grandbabies!) Tuffy @ W. 5th Avenue is THE PLACE I'm going to take my car from here on out. Ladies and Gents if you want to do business with a company that values you as a customer--this Tuffy is [the] place to take all your vehicles. Thanks to Carl, Keith and the Tuffy Crew. Ya'll did an excellent job! ”


Nov 11, 2022 – COLUMBUS, OH

“Have always gotten great service. Keith very helpful. Car was done quickly. Coupons always taken.”

Monica Hanson

Mar 12, 2022 – Columbus , OH

“Keith and his team are efficient and honest. I had been going to Tuffy since 2016. I've always received an excellent and quick service. I can say that Tuffy is a place where I can rely on.”

Ana Gisel Alvarez

Feb 14, 2022 – Grandview , OH

“I can always depend on Tuffy to take care of my car!”


Dec 04, 2021 – Grandview, OH

“Keith is easy to work with, honest & never tries to sell me a service that can wait.”

Scott C

Oct 25, 2020 – Upper Arlington, OH


Johnathon Jones

Oct 16, 2020 – Columbus, OH

“I had my front right wheel calibre lock up, did the job in just hours on both wheels and saved me almost ninety dollars, somehow, not sure how, but the savings and good job add up to an A for me.”

Mark J

Sep 24, 2020 – columbus, OH

“I have relied upon Tuffy Grandview for all of my vehicle maintenance needs for the last several years. They are fast, skilled, and transparent. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Chad C

Sep 18, 2020 – Columbus, OH

“Had my Business vehicle in for a service and a check this week. Excellent communication and all around service. An excellent full review of my vehicals status enabled us to make service decisions best for us. Thanks ”

Jason W

Apr 04, 2020 – Columbus, OH

“I wanted to give an update to a previous review I felt strongly about. I am very pleased with how Tuffy: Grandview handled a recent frustrating experience I had. I had taken my Scion in for a consistent noise that wasn't getting the attention I was hoping for. Because of their customer service, they made everything right. I want to thank Tuffy for the professionalism and commitment to make things right. I will definitely use their services again. They showed me that they really want to help and resolve their customers issues! To them I say Thank You!”

Wade B

Mar 13, 2020 – Grandview, OH

“Keith, G.P, and the whole crew at this location have taken excellent care of me for multiple years. I am not a car person and don't pretend to be. I feel I'm treated fairly and well informed of why the pricing is what it is. I would recommend this location to anyone. ”

Max S

Sep 11, 2019 – COLUMBUS, OH

“Keith and company went above and beyond to help me with my car problem, that seemed impossible to fix. No matter how difficult or perplexing the problem became, they remained diligent. Great customer service and I appreciated everything they did. ”

Ryan P

Sep 01, 2019 – COLUMBUS, OH

“Outstanding customer service provided by Keith!!!!!!! Always very friendly and professional! Service price is reasonable. Keith should be considered an asset to your company!!! Thank you Keith for providing outstanding customer service!!!!!”

Jim P

Jul 30, 2019 – Columbus, OH

“Wonderful!! Keith is always informative and kind and my concerns are always resolved. I feel confident knowing I’m taking my car to a honest and hard working team. Thank you!”

Kristen C

Jun 09, 2019 – Grandview, OH

“We have been taking our cars to Tuffy Grandview for over 5 years now. Keith is very honest and informative about what each car needs and what it will cost. He and his team are efficient and prices for service are fair. ”

Leah W

Mar 01, 2019 – Columbus, OH

“I am a concierge at RMH and have brought in a multitude of customer vehicles for service. The people and work has always been great at this location. I believe the cost of the packages they offer are incredible. I recommend checking them out ☺”

Kenneth S

Feb 15, 2019 – Columbus, OH

“Keith & team do good work and take time to explain your service. I was reluctant to have a auto repair chain work on my vehicles because my experience with Goodyear, Midas, Firestone, etc. has been one of hard sales, i.e., selling you parts and services you don’t need. So far, that has not been the case with Tuffy Grandview.”

Scott C

Jan 31, 2019 – Upper Arlington, OH

“Keith was very helpful and upfront about all work. I recommend Tuffy to anyone looking for service on their vehicle.”

Zach B

Jan 27, 2019 – Columbus, OH

“I have taken my cars, from a 2002 Jeep Liberty, to a 2009 BMW, and have NEVER been disappointed in the service I've received! Keith ALWAYS explains everything to me in terms I can understand. They have NEVER tried to sell me anything, but only make sure I understand what may or may not be needed! Won't go anywhere else! These guys are top notch!”

Crystal H

Dec 09, 2018 – COLUMBUS, OH

“Kieth was wonderful. I brought my boyfriends car in for an oil change the other day, and he was respectful and accommodating to my requests. As a young female, I often feel that car service centers will try to take advantage of what they assume is my lack of knowledge regarding what services I need done...I did not feel as though this occurred at this location, Keith did not try to push services or products on me for the car. I find this incredibly valuable! The price for a full synthetic oil change was reasonable, and when I asked them to look at the brake pads and let me know how much life was left - they did this no problem! This Tuffy's easily deserves a 5 star rating! I am so thrilled with my choice to come here. ”

Cara B

Oct 29, 2018 – Grandview Heights, OH

“Keith and his staff have always done a fantastic job on my car. They offer additional maintenance you may want to consider without being pushy, and never talk down to you. I'll continue to go back to this location. ”

Jenine Y

Aug 06, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“We’ve been using Tuffy’s on 5th Ave for about 3 years. Keith and his team are top notch. We can always count on them to take care of us and our vehicles. Keith makes us feel like one of the family.”

Lisa W

Jul 18, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“Friendly and HONEST! Stopped in to have some brake and exhaust issues checked. Experts went over my car and actually told me my car was fine and needed nothing done at this time! On top of that they even took time to talk to me and explain why. Professional, courteous, and HONEST.”

Patty B

Jul 11, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“This Tuffy location is the real deal. The personal, sincere service makes it feel like the shop I went to when I tagged along with my Dad, as a kid. Keith is great and so patient. He always makes time to answer all of my questions and explain the why and how. The waiting area is spotless and I've never waited longer than they've quoted me. I can't say enough great things about this location - it's really the only place I'd take any vehicle in Columbus. One more thing- Keith and staff always remember my name, are so polite and always check in about issues I've discussed in the past. I feel like this is truly a rare customer service experience! Thanks, guys!”

Sarah M

May 24, 2018 – columbus, OH

“Keith and his team have been working on my car for the past few years (brakes, alignment, etc.). They are always fair and reliable. Thank you for the great service!”

D'Andrea K

May 16, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“I like the very comfortable waiting area while my car is being serviced. The Keurig coffee service is a nice touch. ”

Suzanne Swales

May 02, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“Everyone at Tuffy in Grandview has been excellent. Their service and attention to detail have been excellent.”

Sarah Wilkerson

Apr 08, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“I take all three of our cars to keith for both oil changes and other simple stuff but also bigger repairs like wheel bearing replacement. He is a real professional. ”

Bob J

Feb 12, 2018 – Columbus, OH

“I was in town with my daughter who was interviewing for medical residency at OSU. We drove in from Pittsburgh to Columbus in awful traffic the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My low tire pressure indicator was on, the next day every place that had air (like Getgo) was out of order and I didn't have a pressure gauge in,y car. Don't like driving around a strange city! Carl at Tuffy checked my tires with a smile and made my day! It may not seem like much but you don't often experience pleasant help like that these days! Thank you Carl and Tuffy! , ”

Mary P

Nov 30, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“This Tuffy's is the best ever. ”

Laurie L

Oct 27, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I have actually already recommended this Tuffy to others. They were quick and convenient.”

Skyler C

Oct 10, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I love this Tuffy store! The entire staff is friendly, super helpful and honest. It really feels like the good old days when you had a neighborhood shop that you could really trust. I had to switch my appt twice and they were completely accommodating which I really appreciated. I will continue to use Tuffy as my go to shop in Columbus! Thank you to Keith and staff!”

Sarah M

Oct 10, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I have been taking my car to Keith often over the past few years. I trust him and have had great success with this center.”

Ann M

Oct 09, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“My wife and I can't say enough good things about Keith. He's courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, remembers everyone by name. He is the reason we get our work done at this location. So much so that we drive from Hilliard to Grandview because we trust him and the shop so much.”

Ryan K

Oct 09, 2017 – Hilliard, OH

“I walked in on a Saturday afternoon around 2pm and my car was fixed the same day at 4pm. They are very efficient and kind, very flexible.”

Christina C

Sep 19, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Best auto repair in the area. Keith is amazing.”

Laura H

Aug 28, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Keith is wonderful to work with, and I take our cars there exclusively.”

Richard F

Aug 28, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“This place has been great! We've been to several mechanics around town, but Tuffy is very open and I feel I can trust what they have to say. They are very flexible in regards to scheduling and have reasonable prices. Will definitely return!”

Christine W

Aug 12, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Excellent service. Look forward to coming back here when I'm back in town and having this group take a look at my A/C system.”

Daniel R

Aug 07, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“My favorite auto repair place!”

Laura H

Jul 15, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Great Job by Keith and guys in garage”

Steve M

Jul 15, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“fast, easy and convenient”

Nicole S

Jul 09, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Recently, we had two recent appointments for different issues, and all above excellent. We appreciate the consistent excellent care and Keith's pleasant disposition, and excellence in providing customer care!”

Gina K

Jun 28, 2017 – Upper Arlington, OH

“...Keith was awesome. Set me up with an appointment same day as I called, was very nice throughout the process and got the work done very quickly. All around great experience. Also he gave me a great coleslaw recipe. Keith is the man!”

Ben F

Jun 14, 2017 – Columbus, OH


Debra B

Jun 13, 2017 – Reynoldsburg, OH

“...they took it without an appointment, and had it done in a few hours... I was stranded, otherwise”

Duane W

Jun 03, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Awesome service! ”

Laura H

Jun 03, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I went in for 4 new tires, asked them to check an exhaust leak as well and they went above and beyond what I expected in service! The price they quoted me was the price I paid (honest quote), they found the solution to my exhaust problem. I had to get to a viewing for a family friend's funeral at 6pm and these gentlemen worked on my car past closing time to make sure I was able to get there. The manager, Keith, is a real friendly guy, and pays attention to the details to get the job done right (they cleaned out the rust in my wheels rims to make sure they'd seal properly). Not only that, but they put my spare back in the truck (and I had a ton of personal stuff in the trunk of the car) and put everything back in the trunk in a neat and organized manner. From my experience, this 5th Avenue Tuffy takes care of the customer with respect and integrity. I'll be coming back for any of my automotive needs in the future.”

Dan R

May 13, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“The manager, Keith, is excellent. He takes care of the vehicles in a timely manner and gives a personal experience.”

Joshua D

May 03, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I always return because of the courteous service and they know my car.”

Ashley C

May 03, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Great job!”

Lisa C

May 03, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Really friendly and accommodating staff. I really appreciated the great experience I had at Tuffy's. They were able to squeeze me and get my brakes changed very quickly!”

Owen A

Apr 25, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I love Tuffy's!”

Laurie C

Apr 25, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“very professional and friendly”

Debbie F

Apr 25, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I come to this facility for any work I need done. Keith is a great employee.”

Brian F

Apr 12, 2017 – Brian, OH

“Very professional services, love this place.”

Marie S

Mar 29, 2017 – Pickerington, OH

“Good group of pros there.”

Richard H

Mar 29, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Keith and Carl have both been amazing. I have been looking for years for an auto location that wouldn't take advantage of the fact that I know nothing about cars and I finally found it. THANK YOU guys for your honesty and above average customer service. I will be back!!”

Hollie A

Mar 22, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“The manager there is amazing. He is up front with you and very nice.”

Ryan C

Feb 09, 2017 – Grandview Heights, OH

“Keith is always very friendly and I feel like he's honest. I've been very happy with all the service I've received there.”

Lindsey W

Jan 31, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Very nice workers - knowledgeable and helpful”

Sarah W

Jan 24, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Tuffy has always delivered on every repair that they have done for me. I have been informed about every step on the way to completion and would recommend them to everyone.”

Dean T

Jan 24, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“I have always had a great experience with this Tuffy Service Center. The manager is extremely honest and trustworthy and has always made sure my needs and safety were taken care of. I always recommend this location and will continue using it for future car servicing.”

Ann M

Jan 02, 2017 – Columbus, OH