Charge It in Columbus for Extended Battery Life

August 25, 2019

Here's an interesting statistic for our in Columbus, Ohio, drivers: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to just 30 ... More

Differential Service in Columbus, Ohio - What You Need to Know

August 18, 2019

Scratching your head? Don't worry, if you don't know what a differential is you will in a moment. That fact is that if you drive a car anywhere in Columbus, Ohio, you have a differential. Whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, r... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: Engine Air Filters In Columbus

August 11, 2019

Every Columbus car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter's dirty. Here's what goes into the determination of when to change the filter: First, your vehicle owner's manual will h... More

Need a New Battery? Call Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Grandview Today

August 4, 2019

Hello Columbus drivers! Need a new battery? There is a good chance that you do 70% of batteries need to be replaced within four years. As your battery discharges and then recharges as you drive around Columbus, bits of the surface o... More